„The Munich pianist Antje Uhle is one of today’s great talents.“
Süddeutsche Zeitung 15. September 2005
„The Muenchnerin belongs to the notable pianists in the present jazz scene.“
Marcus A.Woelfle Jazzzeitung 1/2007 2007
Enchanting ballads, like exotic flowers
The ballads were especially enchanting. They remained vocally clear and defined but had pleasant nuances and moving colours. „Ne me quitte pas“ broadened the field in the direction of poetry and proved once more that the Evans-Uhle duo is incredibly versatile and creative.“
Reinhard Palmer Starnberger SZ 31. january 2006
Female Jack of All Trades
The composer Antje Uhle showed what she is capable of in Kempfenhausen. The most important aspect of Uhle’s work - and possibly a female trait – is her passion for the ever changing atmospheres induced by music. She calls it “the way notes can say things that words cannot.” Antje Uhle leaves mannerisms, affectation and insincerity behind her. Her jazz is unpretentious and spirited. Maybe that’s feminine. Maybe its simply good music.“
Kristina Hawlitzek Starnberger SZ 02. may 2005
A convincing symbiosis of energy and discipline
Once you’ve heard the dynamic clicking of „High Heels“ or the imposing „Majazztic Steps“ of jazz pianist Antje Uhle’s piano keys you’ll soon tell that this Diessener lady musician not only has absolute command of her instrument but that she is also a remarkably distinctive composer. Her original compositions are highly individual and true. The 30 year old makes her own way through jazz, directly and without frills, intensively rhythmic and unhurried, her convincing symbiosis of energy and ease, passion and discipline is astonishing.“
Nicola Seipp Brucker Neueste Nachrichten SZ 20. august 2004
Female intuition contra versus male routine –
the Antje Uhle Trio with Johannes Enders, saxophone

This type of jazz is unusual in itself because this male dominated territory has been taken over. Female jazz is simply different, looks for variations of colour and intuitive dynamism. Uhle enjoys using classical music as a vehicle or experimenting with sound by plucking the piano strings. Both avenues blend in with the whole piece, however; nothing is hurried, aggressive or agitated. For Enders this means slowing down his tenor or soprano sax’s motor and creating more room for melody and diversity of sound.
This moving towards each other definitely benefited the musicians as they were forced to leave their normal routine.“
Reinhard Palmer Starnberger SZ 21./22. february 2004
A continuation of the proven and trying out new approaches.Antje Uhle CD: Fortsetzung folgt
The young jazz pianist Antje Uhle picks up her ideas from all over the place, crosses boundaries, quotes and is inspired, draws back and shows herself to be a sensitive accompianist, but retains her characteristic “piano voice” that is unmistakable among her male colleagues. Romantic sensibility and a lyrical way of playing joins with the contemporary, delicate and witty melodies blend in with exciting experiments in sound and create an atmospheric work of art.“
Katja Sebald Starnberger Merkur 21./22. february 2004
„The Antje Uhle Trio is not just any trio. It is one I predict will now make its name.“
Nike Sauerwald Starnberger SZ 2000
„Even though the pieces are highly diverse each blends in with the other and creates a patchwork of atmospheric harmony, a beautifully rounded artifice of sound. The girl leader is already a highly gifted creator of witty and extensive melody lines and as a key-tickler who with playful energy and lyrical intimacy has every possible means of expression and communication at her disposal.“
Joe Kienemann Bayrischer Rundfunk 1999
„Kienemann was right: not only fans of subtle classic piano trio music but every jazz aficionado keen on building his own well-stocked sound archive should add this album [Majazztic Steps]
to his collection.“
Wolfgang Seemann Jazzpodium july / august 1999
„The audience experienced a 24 year old with extraordinarily mature compositions and
interpretation based on the art of ommision.“
Thomas Lochte Starnberger SZ june 1999
„On her debut disc, the young German pianist Antje Uhle steps out in fine fashion: I´m talking about her crisp touch at the keyboard, her grasp of the basics of contemporary bop and her nascent efforts to stretch that vocabulary to express something distinctly her own.”
David Dupont Cadence june 1999
„The fact is, Antje Uhle and her two highly gifted protagonists, Henning Sieverts and Guido May,
give us such an intelligent, quick witted repartee that one is lost for words.“
Klaus Landau Kultimativ! february 1999
„That I had to introduce readers to „Majazztic Steps“ became clear to me after 40 seconds:
Antje Uhle, Henning Sieverts and Guido May already prove in „Miniatur I“ how perfectly they play with timing: not a single note too much, every pause adds tension. Simply fantastic!“
Image Hifi january 1999
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